Status Effects

Status effects are any effects which alter your character’s status. These could be positive effects, such as increased speed or a slow regeneration of HP, however you are more likely to come across negative status effects. These could be effects from your own mistakes, such as drinking too much or not enough or even carrying too much weight. These could also come from spells, nature, traps, and other sources. The following table will show all of the negative status effects that you can encounter in the game, what they do, and some treatments for them. You should note that some campaigns will come with special status effects relevant to the story of the campaign and your GM may include his own status effects and cures.

Status Effects Table

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Requires the target to need at least 1 dose of addicted substance per hour or be induced with the withdrawal status effect.

Addiction comes from taking more than 4 upper-level potions or more than 8 low-level potions within a game day and failing the resistance check. Some races and other factors can increase or decrease the amount of potions needed to become addicted. Also, certain other substances in Nor'Ova can cause addiction as well. 

time for withdrawal to run its course View
Anxiety Requires a will check against fear every round. If startled by ally, will check to not attack ally or flee from ally.  popcorn seed oil View
Berserk / Rage Doubles total damage values but prevents the affected target from doing anything except attacking. Can use offensive skills to attack but not spells. Can be paired with confusion for truly devastating results. Can not use items. liquor View
Bleeding Out This is a secondary status effect caused by an open wound that continues to bleed. While this status effect is in place, the affected will loose 10% of his or her max HP from their current HP per round or minute. bandages, first aide, healing spells, time (depends on wound) View
Blind Requires the target to make a perception check to hit, move, or defend and decreases the target's perception by 25%. If the target fails their perceive check when moving, the target will fall down. Depending on the cause of blindness, it could become permanent - such will depend upon the situation and GM. If blindness does become permanent, it is possible to develop other senses to remove the perception penalty, and even maybe add bonuses to it, however perception checks will become a fact of life. time for effect to wear off View
Broken Limb Bones This is broken legs, arms, or wings. The broken limb cannot be used even when being treated, until fully healed. Until it is treated it acts the same as Minor Broken Bones. cast to treat, time or healing magic to fully cure View

Causes damage to HP per round or minute. Minor burns do heal over time, however major burns do not heal without help.

  • Minor Burns: burns that do 1d12 or less HP damage per round, typically cover only a small area.
  • Major Burns: burns that do more than 1d12 HP damage per round, typically cover a larger area. 
  • Minor Burns: aloe vera oil
  • Major Burns: first aid + aloe vera oil
Charmed Causes the target to protect whoever or whatever charmed the target. time; self-control checks View
Comatose A sleep in which the target can't seem to recover from naturally. If not treated soon it will result in death. smelling salts - grants target a saving grace check with no damage to mortality per use to recover View
Confusion Requires a mental check for each enemy and ally target to determine who the enemy target is. A failed mental check will mean that the affected character thinks that target is an enemy target. time, typically 3 rounds View
Dazed This is a state of temporary shock usually following a powerful hit to the head or torso region. It causes the affected to immediately loose 1 attack and movement action for the next active round. If the affected only had 1 attack or movement action, the affected will not be able to attack or move for the next round. Furthermore, the affected must make a Will check to use a magic spell in the next active round. time (1 round) View
Deafness Decreases the target's perception by ¼. time for effect to wear off View
Death Game Over. This is the end of your character's life which happens when your character has no more HP left and has no Mortality left.  life spell that can recover with no mortality View
Dehydration Causes 1d4 damage to HP and 1d6 damage to EP per round or minute. salt tablet + water View
Depression Decreases melee, throw, and bow power by ½, and requires a will check for every action. popcorn seed oil View
Disease Depends upon GM's description of the disease but usually contains several status effects. The typical disease will contain a mixture of effects such as poison, fatigue, and anxiety. Some diseases contain even more effects. The more powerful the disease, the harder it is to cure. One of the most dangerous diseases in Nor'Ova is the Bitterwood disease, which causes the inflicted to rot quickly while alive, like a dying tree. That would cause various status effects, such as dehydration, nausea, sickness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, confusion, and more, with more status effects coming and strengthening as the disease runs its course.  Some diseases can be cured by antibiotics, but only if the diseases are older or weaker in nature, or caught early enough to treat. The status effects causes by the disease may need treated as well.  View
Encumbered For every 10 pounds over your character's weight limit your character's move rates will decrease by 1 and jump ranges will decrease by 2. Once over 50 pounds your characters EP will drop by 10 per minute and no longer be able to use movement skills. decrease weight View
Fatigue Decreases all move rates by ½, and melee, throw, and bow power by ½. Typically is a result of low EP. sugar water, or any EP restorative View
Fear / Fright Causes the target to fear enemy targets and retreat from the enemy targets at all costs. If cornered by targets, will become inflicted with berserk.  liquor View
Forgetfulness Causes the target to forget how to use skills or spells while affected requiring them to treat their skills or spells as if they only have 25% mastery. remedy View
Frost Bite Causes 1d6 damage to HP per round or minute. If not treated soon it could lead to loss of the frost-bitten areas. warming ointment View
Heat Exhaustion Causes 1d8 damage to EP per round or minute. Can be combined with Dehydration for greater EP loss. Can lead to Heat Stroke if not cured within one game hour. cold salve View
Heat Stroke This is the state where a person goes unconscious due to overheating. If not treated within the hour, the character is dead.  cold salve + EP restoring potions and cooling environment View
Incapacitated Incapacitated is when you have 0 HP but you still have mortality points. You are basically dead, however, you can still make saving grace checks to try and recover on your own. Remember, each use of saving grace takes 10 from your mortality. Also any damage done to your body after your HP is depleted takes away from your mortality.  resuscitation, basic life restoring spells, successful use of saving grace View

Decreases the target's speed and mental by 10, makes concentration impossible, decreases all movement rates by half, and requires the target to make perception checks to hit a target.

Intoxication comes after a failed resistance check upon drinking alcohol. 

remedy, time, sleep View
Knocked Down Causes the target to need to use their full movement action to get back up.  Using a movement action to get back up.  View
Loss of Appendage This is the loss of a finger or toe. The immediate loss will have the secondary status effect of Bleeding Out, but once treated should not affect the character (GM Discretion) Must treat the Bleeding Out View
Loss of Limb This is the complete loss of a leg, arm, or wing. Bleeding Out immediately takes effect and there is a 25% chance of death and a 35% chance of unconsciousness. This is a serious wound that must be treated right away. Must treat the Bleeding Out View
Loss of Purpose / Self Causes the target to not desire to do anything. Requires will checks to do any action.  popcorn seed oil View
Minor Broken Bones These are minor bones that don't really prevent the character from fighting or walking, but will cause continual pain. The character will be unable to run or climb or fly and unable to use magic or skills that cost more than one action until the break is treated. sling or cast to treat, time or healing magic to fully cure View
Nausea Decreases all movement rates by half, usually for 3 rounds though can last longer or not as long. This is a weaker version of the sickness status effect.  seltzer View
Paralyzed Causes the target to be unable to act for the duration of the effect, no less than 6 rounds. muscle ointment to reduce to stun, wait a round, then muscle ointment again View
Poison Causes damage to HP per round or minute. Damage value can vary and can be applied to SA or EP as well. Damage is directly dealt to HP, SA, or EP. Damage isn't magical or physical, it is instead poison, affecting the inflicted internally. Poison damages typically are in dice format; 1d6 or 2d4 for example. Poisons don't end until cured or death of target. Resistance Checks can be used against being poisoned at the start, but won't remove any on-going poisoning.  antidote View
Restlessness Causes the target to be unable to rest for any period of time preventing rest restoration and meeting rest needs. liquor View
Serious Wounds These are far more grievous wounds and can be life threatening, such as deep cuts, impaled objects, and the like. The seriously wounded can not act until the wound is cared for and treated. first aid, surgical procedures, healing spells, GM discretion View
Sickness Decreases all movement rates by half and damage dealt by 25%, usually for 3 rounds though can last longer or not as long. orange nectar View
Sleep Causes the target to be unable to act until awakened. EP, SA, and HP regain by 1% of max stats per round of sleep.  wake target up View
Slow Decreases all movement rates by ½ and all actions by 1 (but not resulting in actions less than 1). time for effect to wear off View
Stone Slowly turns the target into stone one portion of the body at a time. Total transformation takes 6 rounds or 60 seconds. soft View
Stun Causes the target to be unable to act of the duration of the stun, typically for 1 to 3 rounds. muscle ointment View
Sun Burn Causes target to receive 1d4 damage to HP each time the target is touched on its burned skin. aloe vera oil View
Visual Instability Requires the target to use Aim to hit with a melee weapon; if using a projectile or thrown weapon Aim is applied a penalty of -10. If the melee weapon attack is within 1 hex, Aim is given a bonus of +5. The attacked target is given a +10 bonus to their Evade against the visually distorted target. eye drops View
Withdrawal Decreases all move rates by ¾, and causes anxiety and sickness. time (3 game days) View
Wounds These are basic wounds like scratches, bruises, and small cuts. Wounds cause an area to be sore and if hit has a 15% chance of stunning the wounded target for one round. bandages, healing spells, time (depends on wound) View

Every listed medicine can be purchased from the alchemist. Some medicines will cure multiple effects, such as remedy, and some effects have multiple cures. Some effects simply have to run their course.