Character Growth


One of the first questions that many new players ask is “How do I level-up my character?” This becomes even more curious to the new player when the new player realizes that the character sheet does not have a spot for levels or experience points. That is because Legends of Nor'Ova does not use an experience based system. Instead, character growth and progression is tied to acquiring and mastering skills.

The idea behind this is simple, simply hacking to death hordes of foes will not necessarily increase your character's understanding and ability. It doesn't matter how many enemies your character has slain if your character has learned nothing from it. Growth requires learning new skills and improving ones self. To better illustrate this idea, Legends of Nor'Ova uses a skill-based growth system where the only way you can grow is through the skills system. You do this by gaining skill points. Skill Points are points that you use to obtain new skills and spells, upgrade skills and spells, and acquiring new stats and stat modifiers. You get skill points for successfully using skills. Your GM may also reward skill points for showing real use of skill to overcome obstacles.

2. The Importance of Acquiring Skills

Stat Improvement Tile found on a skill progression grid

Going through the skills progression grid is the only way you can improve your character. The skill grids contain a mixture of skills, stat modifiers, and stat points. For example, if you want to increase your character's Mental stat, you will want to acquire a mental stat tile, such as the 10 Mental tile. Those can only be found in the skill progression grids, and often times you will have to work your way up to one by acquiring skills.

Also you will need skill points to get skills and get stat points. The only way to get skill points though is to use skills. Therefore it is very important to make the most of the skills and to plan your character's growth path accordingly to how you wish to play your character.

More on how to use skills and upgrade skills will be found in the Skills System Rules page.

3. Character Growth with Professions

Your character's profession can also affect your character's growth. Your character's profession can give you more actions, and can change the costs to acquire new skills and spells. Furthermore, your character's profession can help you to improve your success rate with skills and even provide a way to make your skills even better. Therefore it is very important to also look at your character's Profession when dealing with character growth.