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Wiki+ page: Combat

…y death. Therefore it is very important to understand combat, the many reasons for combat, and the many forms of combat. The better you understand combat and how it works, the better your chances are at survival.

1. Reasons for Combat


Wiki+ page: The Basics of Combat

  • 8. Defeat


    On this page we will discuss the basics involving combat: supplies needed, determining battle, avoiding battle, participants and spectators, battle situations, active and defensive rounds, and end of combat. This page will only give the basics.


Wiki+ page: Indirect Combat

…stead try to harm or kill the other characters without being noticed. Usually driven by the need to meet an assigned goal or kill a target, this method of combat is the most sneaky form of combat there is. It is the form of combat you would use when hunting wild game or trying to take out a target without being noticed, but it is not only reserved for these instances.  …


Wiki+ page: Advanced Combat Topics

  • 8. Aided Attacks


    On this page we will discuss some of the more advanced topics regarding combat that may or may ot be used with your game.


    1. Distractions

    Distractions are anything that can distract your target or yourself. If the target is distracted while casting a spe


Wiki+ page: The Active Round

…n move, attack, use skills, spells, and items. The active round lasts until you have completed your movements.

1. Actions

While in the Active Round, you make make use of the following combat actions: Attack, Support, and Magic. Furthermore you get 1 movement action to move across the battlefield.

The amount of actions that you have does not indicate how many times you can do something. For example, if your


Wiki+ page: The Defensive Round

…When it is not actively your turn to act in combat, you are in what is called the Defensive Round In a defensive round you can not do anything except participate in story interaction and defend yourself against attacks. You cannot move, use items, use skills, cast spells, use minor runic manipulations, or attack. You can only defend, evade, or use defensive skills, including counter attack.

1. Defense Actions

When in the defensive rou


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