Tannhauser Na'Dir

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Character Name Tannhauser Na'Dir
Race elf
Profession lost
Runic Element Air
Age appears in his late twenties, early thirties
Gender male
Description Tannhauser stands 5'11, thin build that is slightly malnurished and a blue eye. His other eye is cloudy, with no discernable color. His hair is blond, though dirty and tangled with bits of it cut off from a knife. His ears are almost twice as long as normal elven ears, with the tips dented and gnarled. He is dressed in hides.
Personality Something is wrong with Tann, a inner fight between two spirits of the same person. This inner fight causes Tann swift moments of clarity, nightmares, but largely confusion. His memories are such a mess that his on psyche doesn't allow him to remember, and some memories are twisted and changed. Most times he acts almost childish, almost beastly. But it is better than when a memory does surface and he suffers great confusion or terrible sadness. Still, behind those piercing blue eyes is a very noble and kind soul, and the heart of a king. 
Culture and Beliefs Tannhauser isn't sure what he believes at the moment. For now, he just follows the rituals of his namaran shaman caretaker. 
Equipment and Items Whatever he can find. He doesn't tend to carry things long, unless they spark a memory that he wants to keep.
Skills, Spells, Talents, Mutations, and Abilities Tannhauser seems very capable with aeromancy, including lightening, and very capable with the sword, bow, and whip. He isn't aware of why he's so capable. He also knows what is edible and what is not, and can track even the most stubborn beast.

He is blind in one eye, well mostly. Somehow he see's colors but those colors aren't real, or are they? (hint, they are runic element colors)
His eyes allow him uncanny hearing. He can hear something breath from yards away, and can hear the sublte changes in pitch when one is lying or afraid. He just isn't sure what it all means at the moment.
Tann currently has a fracture psyche, causing him memories of both spirits of Tannhauser, causing the memories to often be messed up.
Bibliography Tannhauser has a complicated past - here is just a little to explain his current condition. 

Both the dream world and the awake world had Tannhauser. He was awake in both. In both he ended up being king of the elves. That is where the similarites end. One married a lady named Arabella and had two sons and a daughter. The other, LieAnia and had children and grand children.

In the dream world, when the Ablution Event happened, Tannhauser fell into dark paralysis. His spirit somehow jumped from the dream world to reality, where it wandered. When the Great Collapse happened, the dream spirit was thrusted into the Tannhauser of reality, and his pschye cracked. Tannhauser forgot all but his name, and got lost in the Chalcedon Jungle. There he was found by a namaran shaman, an outcast. The shaman decided to help Tannhauser, to help him to survive, and to hopefully repair his splintered self.