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Character Name Rael
Race Mutated Namara*
Profession vagabond, adventurer
Runic Element Earth
Age appears to be in his 20's
Gender male
Description His body isn't too different from a typical namaran male. His vines grow to mid-back, with brown, leaf like hair. His eyes are green and he has the normal fungal-like growth on his chest and upper back. What is perhaps different is that he has very human-like skin, and a third spiritual eye that can see beyond the void, which he keeps under a bandana. 
Personality Rael is a man of duty, though he will resort to whatever tactics he feels warrented to complete that duty. If he is protecting someone, he isn't one to shy away from killing someone else, for example. Rael feels out of place in this world, and isn't bounded to the laws that govern it. Nor does he feel that anyone here has any power over him, save for maybe three individuals which he isn't sure he will ever encounter.
Culture and Beliefs Rael worships Taal. He is a believer in the spirit of a person, not in what the person shows to the world. The spirit will never lie, he believes, but actions and words always do. 
Equipment and Items A traveling cloak with cowl.
A steel pole arm.
A small bow with a quiver of 25 steel arrows.
A pack containing some basic medicines and human rations.
A water skin.
A coin purse containing 635 shillings.
Skills, Spells, Talents, Mutations, and Abilities Spiritual Eye: allows him to see beyond the veil, other eyes must be closed (mutation)
Human Skin: removes the namaran need for sunlight, instead he must feed like a human - perhaps he really is human or humankind, with namaran growth as a mutation?
Basic survival skills, some basic herbalmancy (plant geomancy) spells, some basic archery skill.
Bibliography Rael was actually born in the dream world as a dark elf, in its 4th Era. In that time he became a rube knight and personal guard of Taal Zodo. Taal Zodo liked Rael's sense of duty and honor - something that set him apart from other dark elves and other rube knights, so he made Rael the personal guard for his one time captive - LieAnia Na'Dir. He ordered Rael to protect this person, from other rube knights, and even from himself. Some time later Taal ordered Rael to help LieAnia escape. Rael did so, dying in the process.

Rael's spirit went to the realm of eternal punishment - Xodod. Rael understood this to be punishment for failing his lord - he didn't know if the elf queen got out safely or not. He was content with surving his eternal punishment. However, when the Great Collapse happened, the gods decided to give Rael another chance at life - wether he wished for it or not.

Rael was reborn into the body of a dead Namaran, given certain mutations to connect the namaran mind better to Rael's spirit. He woke deep in the Chalcedonian jungles, confused and alone. Slowly over the next decade Rael made his way through the lands of Chaladonia, dodging magic storms, wild beasts, and highway men. Occasionally he'd help a fellow traveler. Eventually, he wound up in Bellitose, where his life would forever change once again.