Mason Smith

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Character Name Mason Smith
Race Human
Profession Personal knight to King Ian Mercleis
Runic Element Fire
Age 40
Gender male
Description Mason is a rugged yet slender man bearing shoulder length salt-and-pepper hair and blue eyes with a hint of gray. He has a few old scars from battles past and stands at 5'11 with barely 170 pounds on him. If you were to see Mason in the street, you might not think much of him for he is common as far as humans go, though it better shape than most who are his age. His senses have yet to dull, for the most part anyways.
Personality Mason has never been a proud man. He is instead a man of duty, and of honor. He is one who will do whatever he can for the king he serves and loves, as well as any man could love another out of respect and not romance. He is hesitant to break any laws, though will only follow laws that are just. He is compassonate and while he would have loved to have a family of his own, he has accepted the life of solitude with only his fellow knights as brothers and his King as his father.
Culture and Beliefs Mason is a follower of Arameas, the god of law and history. While he acknowledges other gods and goddesses, he doesn't serve them. For him, one god is enough. He would have been a follower of the Mogen David, but finds that the churches of her name are largely corrupt and do little to truly help the kingdom. Mason is very much an anti-zodoist.

Mason sees no need for ceremonies or holidays, or even birthdays. He instead lives each day as a testament to his values and beliefs.
Equipment and Items A mythril long sword, mythril dagger on each hip, a set of 10 mythril throwing knives - 5 on heace bracer, and a mythril chakram on his back.

A mythril scale cuirass, armet, and bracers when in full knight armor. Otherwise he wears a leather brigandine, leather bracers, and a leather cloak with cowl.

A pack filled with the essentials such as a water skin, rations, a map, compass, and a few healing potions.
Skills, Spells, Talents, Mutations, and Abilities Mason is well trained in the arts needed to protect his king. Therefore you can expect him to be an expert with many weapons (especially so of those he carries), and of defensive skills. He has rudimentary pyromancy spells - no expert but enough to get by he guesses. He also has some basic survival skills. Mason lacks in the skills of many adventurers and rogues, however having been his king's personal guard he is a master of stealth. He also can speak fluent chalcedonian, elven, and dwarf.