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Here are the rules that we use for the Saga of the Awakened forum RP. These rules don't supercede the site's TOS. Nor are these rules meant to instruct you on how to role play. Instead, they are here to help provide for fair and fun roleplaying experiences for everyone. 

1. Character Profiles must be created before you can use that character in a RP thread. These character profiles don't have to be completed, after all what character is truly complete? Instead, the basics must be provided by filling out the character profile form. At the very least, we need a name, race, description, element, and gender. Linking your profiles to your signature is optional, though recomended. Also you don't have to wait for your character to be approved, however, if there's any faults found with your character you will be expected to rectify them in some way as soon as possible.

     1 A. You cannot create god characters. We have no issues with powerful characters, but we do with god characters. First of all, the gods are already created and part of the lore, you cannot add to that list of gods just on your own. Don't worry, if you have a really good idea there, I'll likely work with you on it. Secondly, we want all characters to be relatable, it enhances everyones connection to the story and improves, in our opinion, the story itself. It is more likely you can relate to someone who has flaws than someone who is perfect, and if you can relate to them the story will be deeper and more enjoyable for you and others around you. And lastly, everyone wants to be important, but we aren't running a story about gods and goddesses here. So if everyone can't play a god or goddess, no one can. The exceptions here are for story leaders and staff to use existing gods as plot devices.

     1 B. Your characters should be your own work. This is really more of a strong suggestion than anything, because I might not know every character ever created. However, we are telling our own stories here in our own world, not in Bruce Wayne's world.

     1 C. All characters should be from Nor'Ova. However, they can be from the dream world or even the hellish realm of Xodod, reborn. Basically, create characters for this RP universe that are from this RP universe.

2. No autoing or taking control of other's character's, without permission from the character's player/owner. It is ok if you have already given permission to all in the thread that autoing your character is allowed. You can make a thread annoucing that in the OOC forum. But if such permission is not given, don't make any actions, thoughts, or whatever for a character that doesn't belong to you in your thread. Give that player the chance to decide for themselves.

3. While we must respect one another out side of RP, do not take what happens to your characters as happening to you. Keep the division between reality and RP there. Enjoy the game, find ways to react to what is going on with your character. But don't let it anger you to the point that you take it out on the player out side of the RP. 

4. We will not limit or censor any RP here. However, this is not a site for explicit porn literature. Sex and gore descriptions should have a purpose to your story than just a sex scene. If things go overboard, your thread could get locked and censored. As long as it works with an actual RP element and not just to explore sex RP'ing, then it is ok. Absolutely no pornagraphic illustrations are allowed. Also, if the other person isn't comfortable in engaging in your detailed sex scene being interrupted by a tragic attack, then leave out the sex part. We all have to be able to comfortably play with each other here.

5. You do not get to decide the other character's death. Only the player of that character does. Even if the death looks certain, leave the final scene of it to the player of that character. It is his or her baby, after all. 

That is all for now as far as the rules go. If there comes a need for more, this post will be edited. If you hink there needs to be another rule, please feel free to discuss it here. If you have a problem with any of the rules here, feel free to start a private conversation with me. 


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