Genetically Created Xodians


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1. Basic History

Xodians are said to be the race of the gods. It has always been believed among their race that they are the shepherds of the other races. Throughout history many xodians have taken this belief to mean they should look after other races and help them achieve greatness, however there are those who follow the ways of Zodo and believe other races are there for the harvest and are nothing more than domesticated animals meant to be used as slaves. Throughout history some xodians have even proclaimed to be Zodo in flesh.

Genetically created xodians are actually those who were born of other races. These people have developed unfortunate life-threatening conditions that have no cure. Most of the time it is a cancer that afflicts them, those sometimes it could be some other issue such as a crushed body or radiation sickness. Scientist have been able to extract DNA from the mummified xodians found in the ancient impact creators from the Chalcedon Event when bits of a destroyed world fell upon Nor'Ova. With a living family of xodians identified - the Mercleis faimly - leading genetic scientists hoped that they would be able to transform and restore these bodies with reactivated xodian DNA.

For the most part, it worked. Their bodies did reconstruct themselves and the illnesses did seem to disappear. Their bodies all took on the similar xodian look and structure, though often times were older in appearance. The largest issue though is that their brains also attempted to transform with the xodian DNA, only failing to fully do so leaving them all with brain injuries of some form. They also have developed, perhaps due to the brain injuries, cracked psyches developing a wide varitey of psychosis and psychosis like mental ailments. It is uncertain if they have also obtained the xodian trait of immortality, however, their brains do seem able to understand and grasp things better during moments of clarity.

Only one family of xodians is pure, original xodians, that being the Mercleis family. For story reasons, no pure blood xodians can be played.


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2. Positives & Negatives

Xodians are indeed an intelligent and powerful race. They fare better than others in most trades, especially in the sciences trade. Plus they are able to travel though the shadow realm. However xodian’s beliefs have often alienated them against other races. Other races either do not trust them, or despise being treated as inferiors. Because of this xodians often have a more difficult time gaining other’s trust, and even being treated fairly by other races.

Genetically Created Xodians also have varying degrees of psychosis, and experience things like hallucinations (auditory, visual, or both), panic attacks, mental breakdowns, and feelings of displacement from one's body. Their brain injuries seem to have little if no effect on their mental abilities, however, they can at times have mild spasms and balance control issues. Some xodians also go through periods of uncontrollable rage.


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3. Lifespan

Since at this time all xodians (except the Mercleis family) are genetically created, there is no data yet on their lifespan.



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4. Appearance

Xodians typically appear human. Their hair color is usually in shades of brown or black, though there have been some dark blonds They have either red, purple, silver or yellow eyes. They are usually a small or medium build, never really buff nor fat. Xodians have no real ways in which they have their hair, some have it long, some have it short. Xodians are incapable of growing bodily or facial hair. Xodian women all bear a certain enchanting glow about them and are said to have youthful beauty.


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5. Living Habitat

Xodians usually are found in large cities or in academies.


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6. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Xodians do not require sleep, but do usually sleep a full night cycle to recover spent energy. Xodians enjoy a variety of diets that are not high in fat, consisting of a little meat, lots of grains, vegetables and fruits, and plenty of water. Xodians typically will not be found drinking anything but water.


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7. Culture

Xodians as a whole do not have a one defined culture. Instead Xodians typically act accordingly to their upbringing and the environment they live in. Xodians living in areas that are mainly human (or other races) typically are more considerate towards the other races and will usually attempt to be helpful, even if only to prove they are not bad people. Xodians living in only xodian societies tend to be disdainful towards other races, viewing them like domesticated farm animals. Xodians see no need in celebrations or festivals, and if a xodian is religious, they tend to be monotheistic in their beliefs. Many xodians are atheist.


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8. Racial Relations

For the xodian, racial relations are often very difficult. Being genetically created already sets them apart as outsiders to the rest of society, and their mental instability drives many to fear being near them.









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