Information needed for the forum RP.

The World of the First Era

Imagine, if you will, how life would be if computer AI had been developed and perfected decades ago, if computers could think, function, and learn with little to no human interaction needed. Also imagine a world where most of earth had come together as one government to combat a crippling depression, and that it was largely successful. Think just how your modern day life could look, and you would have a picture of how Nor'Ova looked during the last years of the First Era.

First Era Professions

Here you can find a sample list of professions for your first era character.

Solider: Solider in an army, whether it be private or public, for the Empire of Nor'Ova, or one of the Free States joined together with Taal Mercleis.

Defense Force: Much like soldiers, except they aren't sent into wars. Instead they defend people or places.

Student: Someone who is attending a university.