First Era Professions

Here you can find a sample list of professions for your first era character.

Solider: Solider in an army, whether it be private or public, for the Empire of Nor'Ova, or one of the Free States joined together with Taal Mercleis.

Defense Force: Much like soldiers, except they aren't sent into wars. Instead they defend people or places.

Student: Someone who is attending a university.

Scientist: the following sciences are in play however you could pick any real life science as well: genetics, bioengineering, astrophysics, nuclear, anthropology, zoologist, cultural, geophysicist, atmospheric, robotics, and neurology.

Health Professional: your doctors, nurses, and surgeons, and anyone else in this field.

Any Real Life equivalent profession: with the First Era being a decade or so more advanced than real life earth, you could be any profession that you would see in modern day earth.